coco service dog delights

Coco is my psychiatric and seizure alert service dog. She is amazing in so many ways. Coco is always there as a calm presence and also is responsive to serious medical problems when they occur. Coco has saved my life and continues to every day working along side me on a daily basis. She is a Lab mix and is incredibly smart and spiritual. 

Coco came into my life at a time when I really needed her. The past year I have been very ill and having serious medical problems. Coco has been a lifesaver. Now it is my mission to encourage other medically disabled people to team with dogs to recoverand maintain everyday life. Coco wakes up every morning happy and ready for the day to start and gets me excited about the day. She lays by my head every night assuring me she will be there for me at any moment. Loyalty and Love are in our every day vocabulary.

Coco has inspired me to start a business. Coco's Service Dog Delights is a consignment retail store selling dog goods. Clothing, Vests and accessories. Excluding dog food, toys, leashes and collars. A great place to get new dog toys, leashes, food and collars is Wally Pets at 4411 C. Wallingford Ave. N. call (206) 547-0301. All 10% commissions off Cafe Press sales will go to the Delta Society. Grand opening of the retail store will be October 22, 2012.   





A walk in New York City, NY with Coco

Coco and I have traveled to New York City. You can find pictures of our trip under photos. Our stay at Hotel Andaz on 75 Wall Street New York, NY was great. Coco had a bed and bowls awaiting her and ate in the there Wall and Water resturant first class all the way. Coco and I visited Central Park, Times Square, Conservatory Gardens and many more great places in new york. This town is very dog friendly and service animals are admired for there hard work and life of dedication. Coco loves flying and loves to travel. Thanks New York City for a great vacation! To all service animals and partners out there don't be afraid to travel especially to New York you will like what awaits you. Signed Crystal and Coco Service Dog Team.